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Toys for ladies - Nipple Suckers - Breast Cupping System
€ 69,95
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Create temporary engorgement of the breast area with a hand-pumped cupping system! Each of the two large cups has a rubber ring around the base to create a strong seal when you place it on your skin. Attach the green end of the tubing to the green tips of the cups and the white end of the tubing to the hand pump. Pull the pump trigger to create suction, working towards your comfort level. The tubing can be removed and your flesh will stay caught in the pressure of the cup. Press down on the green tip to easily release the suction. Experiment with enlargement and increased sensitivity on your own or with a partner!


  • Stimulation - Nipple stimulation
  • Total rating - 5
  • Phthalate-free - Yes
  • Warranty - Yes
  • Suitable for - Women
  • Warranty Type - Good Warranty Service
  • Colour - Transparent
  • Packing - Retail packaging (cardboard)



€ 69,95
Price per unit
Quantity: Order