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Toys for ladies - Nipple Suckers - Auto-Vac Breast Enlarger
€ 87,95
Price per unit
Instantly increase your breast size and bustline with this Auto-VAC Breast Enlarger. With the push of a button, the powerful motor creates a gentle suction action, making your breasts quickly swell in size as your nipples perk with pleasure! Once you've reached your desired size, simply press the quick-release button to relieve the pressure and your breasts are ready to play. The see-through acrylic cup gives you a clear view to watch your breasts become fuller. The soft, silicone ring ensures a perfect fit as it forms a tight seal against your skin.


  • Stimulation - Nipple stimulation
  • Total rating - 4
  • Quick release valve - Yes
  • Way of pumping - Electric
  • Waterproof - Splash Proof
  • Noise level - Normal
  • CE tag - Yes
  • Warranty Type - Good Warranty Service
  • Warranty - Yes
  • Suitable for - Women
  • Colour - Transparent
  • Packing - Retail packaging (cardboard)



€ 87,95
Price per unit